A 35 YEAR-OLD man was arrested in Ventnor this morning (Sunday) on suspicion of robbery and assault, having previously evaded police for some time.

When police arrived at the man's location, he attempted to escape through the back window, only to be seen by officers who were covering possible exit routes.

A message from Sgt Winchester on the Isle of Wight Police Facebook page said: "We have arrested a 35 year-old man from the Ventnor area on suspicion of robbery and assault. He has been avoiding us for some time.

"When we arrived he did ‘have a moment’ where he thought he could get out of the back window. Luckily we had this covered as when he opened the curtains he was met by the team — I think he had seen our posts and knew running wasn’t a viable option

"Police remain out and about all day, so if you’re up to no good, keep looking over your shoulder — we haven’t finished yet."

Those wishing to inform Isle of Wight police regarding community incidents in the area can do so by visiting www.hampshire.police.uk/ro/report/