AN industrious teenager has launched an Isle of Wight-themed clothing range ­— capitalising on his free time during lockdown.

Lucca Toms, 16 ­— a former student at Christ the King College ­— has launched his collection of machine washable items from his home in Carisbrooke.

When the first order he received was for a batch of face masks, the name 'Face Huggers' was born.

"Lockdown happened, and rather than sitting down to my GCSEs, I found myself at home with little to do," said Lucca.

"Christ the King had closed and football was off.

"I tried to get work in the supermarkets, but I think everyone else had the same idea, so I decided to make my own website and start a clothing range.

"With it now being mandatory to wear one on public transport, people want something a bit different, lightweight, comfortable and reusable.

"So that's what I provide.

"Face Huggers ­— they hug your face."

With a branding like 'Face Huggers', it would be remiss not to mention the franchise of film synonymous with the name.

"The face huggers thing did start that way, with the catch phrase 'it fits you like a face hugger'," said Lucca.

"Young people like my friends don't make that association ­— they think of comfort ­— but my dad does.

"I soon realised it could be used for other stuff as well.

"Foot huggers — socks. Head huggers ­— hats. So the branding worked if I did other things."

To purchase one of Lucca's facemasks, go to