A PROTEST is planned to take place in Ryde this weekend in support of trans and non-binary rights.

Islanders are invited to take part in the peaceful protest, which will take place at Eastern Gardens on Saturday at 11am.

Organisers say the protest is in response to an article published in the Sunday Times, reporting that the UK Government intends to scrap the Gender Recognition Act reform and "roll back the hard-won rights of trans and non-binary people".

The event is being co-hosted by Sydney Cardew, LGBT+ officer at the Isle of Wight Labour Party, and Yve White, equalities officer at the Isle of Wight branch of UNISON.

An open letter has been sent to various organisations and agencies, where people can add their name to show support.

The group is calling on MP Bob Seely to "act as a friend and ally to the entire LGBT+ community, and to add his voice to the many voices speaking out in parliament and in the public sphere".

If you would like to sign the letter, go to www.iowtransletter.wordpress.com

Organisers said: "The government is allegedly planning to introduce a law that will restrict the rights of trans women to use women’s facilities, such as public toilets, changing rooms and refuges.

"This will also impact on the rights of trans men, which appear to have been forgotten.

"The protest is against this unworkable, unfair and dangerous plan, which will have a huge impact on the safely, dignity and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.

"Trans and non-binary people have the right to live their lives without being in fear and being subjected to abuse and discrimination.

"This is a peaceful protest aimed at raising awareness and seeking support from the wider community.

"If you are coming along on the day, please ensure you bring some water with you, wear a face covering and ensure social distancing is respected."