East Cowes' Venture Quays building is on the agenda at a meeting of the Isle of Wight Council’s corporate scrutiny committee tonight (Tuesday).

A report to leading Cabinet members (on Thursday) about the purchase of the waterfront site will first be discussed by the scrutiny committee.

It asks whether the Isle of Wight Council should buy the site from Homes England, due to the precarious financial situation the authority is in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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With an almost £10 million funding gap needed to be filled, the report asks whether spending another £1 million to buy the site and spend £300,000 on further renovations of buildings, as well as complying to the terms and conditions set by Homes England, including having acquired planning permission for houses by March 2022 and started building those by March 2024, is something the council should undertake.

Isle of Wight County Press:

The Local Outbreak Control plan, which sets out the way in which Covid-19 will be tracked on the Island and a local lockdown implemented if outbreaks were to occur, will asl be discussed.

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You can watch the meeting from 5pm - click for the agenda and a link, here.