RED FUNNEL says it is has won the UK-wide industry standard and consumer “We’re Good to Go” mark from Visit England.

It shows the ferry firm is sticking to government and public health guidelines over coronavirus.

The initiative, as the Island reopens to tourists, was one of two launched on Friday.

The other was the local 'Isle of Wight Welcomes You' campaign.

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Fran Collins, CEO of Red Funnel, said: “We are proud to have obtained this industry mark that recognises the hard work tourism and hospitality businesses have done to adhere to government and public health guidelines.

"The health and safety of our passengers has always been our key priority and we have been carefully monitoring guidelines for safer travel throughout the pandemic.

"We are excited to be gradually welcoming back more passengers on our ferries, as we have recently resumed our Hi-Speed Red Jet service and increased our vehicle ferry crossings.”