THE release of new coronavirus figures by Public Health England has been welcomed by Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely.

He said it was important the data is seen at a local level — and was reassured that the Island still had 'very low rates' of infection.

The data was released late last night, and showed the Isle of Wight actually has 421 cases, not the 204 previously announced.

This is due to 'pillar 2' data now being counted — those tested outside labs and hospitals.

Mr Seely said: "I welcome the release of pillar 2 data by Public Health England.

"It is important this data is seen at a local level to enable our services not only to understand the true extent of Covid-19 cases on the Island, but also enable them to use the data to inform their future planning.

“We must ensure we put these figures into context. We still have very low rates of infection on the Island.

“I understand we have one of the highest rates of testing per person, so authorities think they have a good handle on the true rate of Covid in the community, which remains low.

"It is frustrating that these figures were not released sooner. I have made that opinion clear to the head of PHE today.

“There is some great partnership working going on across the Island to ensure we open up in the safest way possible but of course we will continue to monitor the data and I know the IW Council and NHS Trust has plans in place to deal with any significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases here.”