CRUMBLING stonework, from what is left of Ryde Theatre, has crashed onto the pavement - leading to safety fears.

Isle of Wight Council says its experts are aware of the problem - and are investigating.

The local authority told the County Press: “The council has been made aware of masonry falling from the Ryde Theatre building onto the public pavement. The council’s building control team are responding to this matter under their responsibilities in relation to dangerous structures.

"Ultimately the owner is responsible for maintaining the safety of building. ”

These images were taken earlier this week, showing masonry that has fallen from one of the ornate pillars on the front of the building.

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Isle of Wight County Press:

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Why is it crumbling?

The venue closed in February 2005, after cracks were found in the window beneath the clock tower.

It later reopened as a music venue. but closed again in 2010.

Sold in 2012, the theatre has stood empty for around eight years.

In September, Historic England threw it weight behind a plan to restore the building.

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In October, a bid was submitted for heritage lottery funds.

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See inside? In April, urban explorers entered the building in a bid to make a film.

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