THE Isle of Wight Council's phone parking app carried on working - and charging those who used it - when it was free to park during lockdown. 

Two challenges to payments have already been lodged by motorists with County Hall.

In April, we told you parking the council had made parking free in its own car parks, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Charges were not re-introduced until June 8.

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However, the phone app - where drivers make payments over their mobile phones - continued to work and at least two drivers were caught out.

County Hall says two people have already lodged an appeal.

On the County Press's request, the local authority has issued a statement - which includes contact details for others who may be affected.

The Isle of Wight Council told the County Press: “It has come to the Council’s attention that a number of motorists continued to use the PayByPhone parking app in off street car parks whilst parking charges were suspended.

“If you need to contact the Council, please email”