TWO NEIGHBOURS went on a spree of thefts for several days - stealing alcohol and candles.

Sandown residents Gemma Louise West and Sasha Bryan appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday after their spree ended up totalling £1,020 in stolen goods.

West, 36, admitted to seven thefts between March 2 and 13.

Bryan, 40, admitted to five of the thefts.

Prosecutor, Ann Smout, said: "In the first theft, Ms West was seen alone entering Tesco Express in Lake where she was seen on CCTV picking up alcohol and walking out of the store.

"Later, on March 6, the pair were seen together entering Morrisons in Newport where they approached the alcohol aisle and were seen on CCTV putting bottles into a bag for life before leaving the shop.

"They returned again to Morrisons on March 9 but were spotted by the store manager, who recognised them and confronted them.

"The goods were recovered, but later that same day, the pair went to Boots on the High Street where they were seen, again on CCTV, taking candles.

"The following day they returned to Boots stealing further candles and an electrical device.

"On March 12, Ms West again attended Morrisons in Newport alone, where she took two bottles of gin.

"The final incident on March 13 saw the pair enter Boots in Newport for the third time.

"Two police officers thought they recognised them as identified in prior thefts.

"The police caught them as they left the shop, having stolen further candles."

Defending West and Bryan, Barry Arnett said Bryan had moved to the Isle of Wight from the West Midlands after fleeing an abusive relationship.

Mr Arnett said: "Ms Bryan came to the Island to flee an incredibly difficult domestic situation. As a result her mental health has deteriorated.

"She had a strong family network back in Rugby but on the Island has found herself unable to ask them for any kind of help.

"Ms West has also been desperately trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Her last offence was in 2003."

Sentencing was adjourned to July 27, for probation reports.