Following on from Alan Wiles (CP letters, 19-06-20) concerning the PM’s membership of the Bullingdon Club (known for drunkenness, destruction etc), many of us come to regret the misdemeanours of our youth and go on to fulfil responsible and productive lives.

Unfortunately, this is not true of our totally unsuitable Prime Minister, who has brought embarrassment to our country.

The latest misdemeanour is to spend £900,000 in jazzing up a RAF plane for all his swanning around the world promoting Global Britain.

I am sure he wants to be out of the UK as much as possible in order to avoid scrutiny.

It is possible now that the plane will no longer be able to be used by the Royal Family and for re-fuelling because of security.

This same Prime Minister was forced by Premiership footballer Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for poor families in the summer holidays.

On the day of the U turn he stated that he had only become aware of the campaign that morning. Incompetence or deception?

This same Prime Minister spoke to the nation on March 16, telling them not to go to bars and restaurants but had lockdown happened on that day rather than one week later, thousands of lives would have been saved.

This same Prime Minister is delaying the setting up of the Intelligence and Security Committee by not nominating the Conservative members.

He is doing this to suppress the report of Russian interference in the last election.

The report also names the Russian donors to the Conservative party.

In light of the recent terrorist attack, it is imperative that this committee sits.

The PM wants the deadline of the Brexit talks to be in the autumn.

If there is no agreement (oven-ready deal?), then there will be a few months to prepare for a No-Deal Brexit (have others noticed that a No-Deal Brexit has been renamed as the Australian Deal in order to hoodwink people?).

Corona plus a No-Deal will economically destroy this country and put even more people out of work. What hope is there for young people?

One might ask why this letter to a local paper is so concerned with national matters?

The reason is that our MP is a cheerleader for Boris Johnson and presumably supports an Australian Deal Brexit.