Nearly eleven thousand people have already signed a petition for 'Zoe's Law' - which calls for skin mole testing to be compulsory, following the death of Zoe Panayi, the Newport mum-of-two, at 26.

Last week the County Press highlighted the calls from Zoe's mum, Eileen Punter, for GPs to take moles and skin tags more seriously.

She said her doctor told Zoe hers was nothing to worry about but it led to cancers which ravaged her body.

The online petition calls for testing to be compulsory and can be signed here.

Eileen told the County Press: "At the end of the day I just want people to be more aware. Don't be fobbed off over moles and skin tags. Ask for a second opinion. It is about saving lives.

"We would also like all GPs and medical centres to take this far more seriously than they do, again by having the moles all tested and checked properly and referred to the hospitals and not beauty clinics."

Friends, colleagues and the Cowes Carnival community lined streets in Newport to pay their last respects to Zoe last Friday.

The service was live streamed to those who could not attend due to coronavirus restrictions.

Zoe died at the end of May after contracting skin cancer which spread through her body.

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