How sad to see all the fuss being made about the ships anchored in Sandown Bay (page 1 and 2, CP, 05-06-20).

This picture helps to highlight the issue of noise. Which is more intrusive, the throbbing of a ship’s generator or the high pitched noise of racing jet skis?

Every one of those ships represents a business in trouble, as a result of Covid-19, and the lockdown.

They are a symbol of the economic crash, which has destroyed people’s jobs, disrupted our international trade — import and export — as well as the important leisure industry.

This is a temporary solution as they have nowhere else to go.

There are surely much more serious consequences of the lockdown, such as mental health problems, for people to be concerned about.

In respect of the concerns about pollution, your article referred to the role of the MCA, who have so far received no complaints.

The new IMO 2020 regulations for global shipping permits maximum of 0.3 per cent sulphur, discharges from ships are also strictly regulated, and the only discharge permitted at anchor will be cooling water.

On Monday evening there were ten commercial ships anchored off Bembridge.