I LIVE in the centre of the traffic ‘roundabout’ that is Bembridge village High Street.

With this lovely summer weather I am confined at home and would love to open my windows and sit in the garden in the evenings.

Sadly, the Island does not subscribe to Hampshire’s no-smoke rule though that is only for smoking.

Plants, especially trees, made all the oxygen that animals breathe, even before we appeared, by locking up the carbon in carbon dioxide.

With the destruction of plants worldwide, such as in Indonesia where they grow palm oil for ‘renewable’ fuel, the planet is returning to a pre-plant life state through ‘climate change’.

We should stop burning wood to release all the locked up carbon dioxide. But that is not all that gets burnt in the legal bonfires, heating and AGAs.

About 57 per cent of our filthy Island air comes from domestic wood burning.