ISLE of Wight based creatives will be at the forefront of a prestigious West London exhibition later this month.

Curated at a gallery in Notting Hill, then  photographed and launched online, it opens on Wednesday 17 June.

Scroll down to find out how to take a virtual peep inside...

The Flow Gallery will present a collaborative exhibition between Cowes forager Alex Richards, Island artists Chloé Rosetta Bell, Tom Fallick and local photographer Maria Bell.

They will feature alongside mainland talents Max Bainbridge, Cécile Daladier, Alison Dickens, Celia Dowson, Iva Polachova and Derek Wilson.

Each artist has presented a small collection of work which allows space for reflection and appreciation of their surroundings.

Alex Richards, a chef and wild forager, has shared recipes and advice for foraging close to home which will accompany the selection of objects. The exhibition references function and sculpture to make the most of simple daily habits and contemplation in these unusual times.

"The objects you will find in this small exhibition are designed to bring you pleasure"

Chloé Rosetta Bell, from St Lawrence, who will curate and provide ceramics for the exhibition, said: "Following the nationwide lockdown, like many, I spent considerably more time than usual within my home.

"I began to notice small details — be it the dance of sun and shadows at different times of the day or the varied song of the birds mid-morning.

"The objects you will find in this small exhibition are designed to bring you pleasure as our habits and homes adapt to changing times. They are curated to be within our homes and bring joy to your routine."

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