A SINGING teacher on the Isle of Wight was faced with a dilemma at the start of lockdown.

Amy Bottriell-Nye knew it was important for her students to keep singing, but was aware of the challenge distance learning could pose.

From such challenging beginnings a competition was hatched.

The Lockdown Song Contest — a virtual singing challenge for students of all ages and abilities — maintained the incentive for current students to train, while bringing new ones to the fore.

Amy said: "I organised the Lockdown Song Contest through my Sing With Amy Facebook page — I never thought it would flourish into something so positive.

"Some parents messaged me to say their children had been working really hard, perfecting performances and recording songs.

"Some of my adult students took time to rehearse and send their entries despite busy home lives. It had been a positive focus for them and that really did lift my heart."

Amy was joined by Island-born musical theatre star Jamie Buckley, who agreed to judge entries. He was so impressed by the quality of her students' performances that he donated gift vouchers for his West End Workshops Live venture.

Jamie revealed his winners via a Facebook video, with the talented Willow Samuel, 13, scooping first place to receive a £50 tuition voucher and four workshop vouchers.

Scarlett Hamilton came a close second, while joint third position was shared by Tilly Rainford and Diana Sawyers. Jamie also made gave a special mention to fledgling singer Emma Clark.

He said: “I have loved doing this. It’s been amazing judging such hidden Island talent. Amy does such a brilliant job, and Willow is one of the most talented singers I’ve heard for a long time —she is very special.”