I HAVE some experience in hydrocarbon field development and feel some facts may assist the reader when faced with misleading misinformation Wight gold or toxic slime, (CP, 29-05-20).

Economics: Independent assessment of the Arreton fields cite 227 millon barrels oil in place with 26 million barrels recoverable. The recoverable reserves have been discounted as no production data exists.

Reservoirs of this type typically yield 20-30+ per cent of the oil initially in place so the prize could be up to 65 million barrels oil. Hence the UK may benefit by up to £1.8 billion and the IW by six per cent of gross revenues which is around £100 million pounds. For comparison, the current annual budget for IW Council is around £150 million pounds.

Acidising: The acid planned to be used is acetic acid, commonly known as vinegar. Vinegar added to calcium carbonate in the reservoir produces non toxic salt, water and carbon dioxide. The pressure required is very low and the process does not cause earthquakes.

Fresh water aquifer: The aquifer is protected during drilling with fluids that form an impermeable barrier between the wellbore and the aquifer. The aquifer is sealed off by inserting a steel pipe from surface to above the hydrocarbon bearing zone and cemented in place. Another steel pipe is cemented across the hydrocarbon zone and oil is produced via a further steel pipe so there are five barriers between the aquifer and the produced oil.

Leaks:. All wells do not leak, certainly not shallow, hydrostatically pressured wells as used here. Leaks are tested for regularly, rare, and repairable.

Vehicles: I agree there will be a few extra heavy goods vehicles on the roads.

The UK has higher than average industry standards. If the UK does not produce the oil, we will buy from another country – likely with lower standards. UK oil for UK consumption is better for the IW, the UK, and the planet. Think Global, Act Local.

I would suggest the reader exercises caution when sourcing data from the internet, however local that source.