ISLANDERS are gathering in Newport's Church Litten park this lunchtime (Thursday) as part of the Black Lives Matter campaign, following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Michigan, USA last week.

Organisers say the protest will strictly follow social distancing rules, with protesters stood in groups of 6, 2 metres apart. There will be gaps of at least 3 metres between each group of 6.

At 12:10pm, protesters on the Isle of Wight will 'take a knee', or kneel in solidarity, and hold a 9 minutes silence in memory of George Floyd. 

A video of a police officer kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck for nine minutes has shocked the world and sparked protests in the United States and in the UK.

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Four police officers have been arrested in connection with the killing.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Hampshire Constabulary showed its support for the Black Lives Matter campaign.

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Today, people on the Isle of Wight are adding their voices to a campaign for equality.

Organisers said: "We are meeting in both solidarity and protest: solidarity with Black people in America who are protesting against centuries of systemic racism and white supremacy in the United States and are being met with brutal police violence and brutality; but also in protest against racism and white supremacy in our own country.

"Black British people are 4 times as likely to be “stopped and searched” by police as white people; and are only half as likely to go to a Russell Group University.

"Black women in this country die in childbirth at a rate 4x higher than white women; and ethnic minority British people are 2x more likely to live in poverty than white British people.

"We believe it is a moral obligation on all of us to fight racism. It is not enough to be “not racist”; we must all be actively anti-racist.”

Events has already taken place in London, Oxford, Southampton and Bournemouth.

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