AN ARTICLE on the County Press website has led to a mysterious letter being successfully united with the intended recipient.

We reported that postman Damian Haworth had taken to Facebook to find a Mrs Annie Harris, who had a letter sent to the Island but no address.

The CP picked up the story and just a couple of hours later, reporter Lori Little got a phone call from Mrs Harris's son, Tony.

He was pretty sure the letter was for his 87-year-old mother, as the stamp was from Yorkshire, where she is from.

She has been staying on the Hampstead Estate at Newtown Creek with family.

Her friend had written down her mobile phone number incorrectly.

Lori put Tony in touch with Damian, and the letter was handed over.

Tony said: "It was a nice little story and great to get the letter from Damian, the postman.

"It was just a run-of-the-mill letter, nothing particularly exciting, but good to have it despite the bizarre instructions on the envelope!"