AROUND 500 Islanders have been tested for coronavirus through the trace-and-test app, the County Press can reveal.

Although no number could be put on the number of positive results from the tests, Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely said it was one measure of the app trial being a big success.

Mr Seely said around 56,000 Islanders now had the app on their phones — around 70 per cent of the total number of suitable smartphones in the community.

He said, "This goes to show the project has been a success and the fact that it is still being trialled here four weeks in, when I thought it would be fortnight's trial, tells me NHS X is happy with things."

Mr Seely urged people to keep the app on their phones as an update would be coming soon and a Version 2 later.

"When this app gets rolled out on the mainland as part of the trace-and-test programme that was launched yesterday (Thursday), IW people will need it when they cross the Solent...and we will get visitors this summer, so that is another good reason to keep it."

Health minister Nadine Dorries had told him the app would be used but was unable to give him dates for its national roll out.

And more smartphones will be able to use the app in the coming days.

Some Samsung phones which had proved unable to download the app (Galaxy J6, J7, A3 and J3) will now be compatible and it was hoped Huawei phones would also be able to download it.

Mr Seely said: "The whole point of the IW trial was to iron out the wrinkles in the app and that is what it has done.

"Baroness Dido Harding, chair of NHS Improvement, said the app was not the trace and test programme, but it would turbocharge it.

"This trial has put the Island in the spotlight and we have passed the test with flying colours. It has been noted in government and I hope it will mean we will be remembered in future."