AN ISLE of Wight singer-songwriter has released a new single, shining a spotlight on the United Nations trust fund to end violence against women.

Piera Van De Wiel, 25, of Seaview, has released her poignant new single, Used, hoping to use her music to increase awareness of global causes, especially at a time when domestic violence and abuse cases have increased.

Piera is the founder of collective, Stronger With Music, which promotes the importance of music and mental health, and music and social impact.

Her original composition is an emotional rollercoaster expressing how one can feel so safe when barriers are let down, only to later feel used, abused and taken for granted ­— but concludes with a lasting message of strength and hope.

To listen to Piera's new track, click here.

Piera's previous release, Come Back Home, has been awarded a silver medal for outstanding achievement in listener impact at the Global Music Awards, and has garnered more than 45,000 hits on Spotify.

“With this initiative, I aim to increase awareness of what is happening behind closed doors in isolated and quarantined homes," said Piera.

"Please consider donating to the GoFundMe page and listening to my song, Used, as you will be donating to a salient cause and helping women all over the world."

To make a donation to Piera's GoFundMe page, click here.