The County Press ran an article regarding the shipping in the Bay a while ago. Since then the problem has increased, with up to 15 large vessels, many of them cruise ships in our bay.

They are emitting pollution through their funnels, as they have to keep their generators running.

This causes vibrations which can be heard and felt across the Bay and I suspect they are also discharging into the water. This is an unacceptable situation as they are polluting air and sea but most importantly they are impacting the marine life in this area which was designated a marine conservation zone just a year ago.

The area has precious sea grass beds home to rare seahorses and other marine life...this fragile area is going to be destroyed by the amount of shipping so close into the Bay.

This is irreversible as this marine life is specific to that particular environment.

Pods of dolphins have been spotted this week and are most likely to confused by the amount of vibrations under the sea caused by this amount of shipping in such a small area.

This cannot be the solution to the problem of ships with no where to dock...and how long will it be before the cruise industry recovers and they move away?

I can’t help thinking that there would be an outcry if Heathrow moved all its grounded 747’s into a National Park and left the engines why does our Bay have to suffer like this? We have just had major works by Southern Water to improve the water quality in the why allow this to happen?

I have emailed Bob Seely, local councillors, the Marine Conservation Society and the Hampshire and IW Wildlife Trust. There has not yet been a reply from Mr Seely but the others have all agreed that this should not be allowed to continue.

The Island has done everything to support the Government in the current situation.

I have dutifully downloaded the NHS app and responded to the letter for feedback but this situation is directly impacting our health with a brown haze of pollution visible across the Bay.