THE Bishop of Portsmouth has appeared at a virtual session of the House of Lords to ask for recognition for Isle of Wight residents trialling the test and trace coronavirus app.

The Rt Rev Christopher Foster directed his question to Minister of Innovation at the Department of Health and Social Care, Jim Bethell.

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Bishop Christopher asked: “The minister will know that tens of thousands of people on the Isle of Wight have downloaded and used the Covid-19 tracking app.

“The people of the Island often feel, with some justification, I regret to say, that they are considered last, if at all. Now, despite questions about privacy, effectiveness and rollout, they have been the first to step up and make a significant contribution to the nation’s common good. Will he undertake to look at how their service might be recognised?” 

Isle of Wight County Press:

Lord Bethell tweeted: "Where the Isle of Wight leads, the country follows. Thank you for your important contribution to the development of our test-and-trace programme. Your enthusiasm and tolerance will benefit us all."

He told the Bishop that the House of Lords was 'enormously grateful' to the Isle of Wight. See his full response here:

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely said: "Thanks to the Bishop for championing the Isle of Wight in the House of Lords. As he rightly points out, the Island can sometimes be an afterthought. But now we're leading the way. Thanks to Lord Bethell For considering how the Island's role could be recognised."

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