We're obedient citizens; staying home to protect the NHS and save lives. Plus, of course, the restaurants are closed to eat-in customers — so it was another local takeaway for us.

At Ryde Domino's, to minimise risk and contact, it's electronic payments and delivery only, plus ordering is entirely online.

Cat clicked a two-pizza meal deal into our e-basket, which included potato wedges, garlic pizza bread and cookies.

Payment button pressed, we watched 'Dom' (the Domino's app) track our order. We might be getting covidelirious; Matt declared Dom to be: "the most awesome user interface ever! If the pizza is as good as their app, I'll never eat anything else!"

Our meal arrived quickly, in the arms of a smartly uniformed and polite delivery lady who put our boxes down and retreated.

The chicken feast pizza had a pleasingly hand-wrought rusticity to its irregular edges and its mushroom and chicken toppings were present and correct, but apart from the distinct sweetcorn, the rest had a homogenous flavour.

Matt's Mighty Meaty certainly had meat on it, in the form of a range of sausage slices and other assorted fragments. They looked different, sure, but if you'd blindfolded Matt and asked him to identify any of these meats by taste alone he'd have been challenged.

With its addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, the enjoyably stodgy garlic pizza bread side was in effect a bonus pizza.

The potato wedges needed a bit of lubrication; Matt poked his spuds into the accompanying carton of Domino's sweet smoky barbecue sauce. The vinegary garlic and herb dip with its curious aftertaste went in the bin — we're not falling for that stuff twice.

Pudding was the still-warm Domino's cookies, which looked pretty unappetising; but appearances can be deceptive. They were, it has to be said, spectacular. Soft gooey centres bursting with melted chocolate. Warm and indulgent.

Well done Domino's for keeping us fed during the lockdown. The ordering and delivery process was remarkably smooth; food bland, but plentiful.

Matt ate pizza leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day, and the birds on her balcony enjoyed Cat's crusts.

Our meal deal was reasonable value; with two large pizzas big enough to share, garlic bread pizza, wedges and pudding. A generic meal elevated by those delicious cookies.

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Matt and Cat's bill

Large meal deal:

● 2 x large pizza

● 1 x garlic pizza bread

● 1 x potato wedges

● 1 x Domino's cookies

Total: £25.99

RATING: Three stars. a decent place that we’d recommend.