A MYSTERIOUS new dance music production and remixing project has been set up on the Isle of Wight, with very little known about the person behind the persona.

AVW (Alice Vs Wonderland) released debut single, Quiet, earlier this year, and has now followed up with new track, Anything, which was made public on April 20.

AVW said: “So much of the music industry seems to be based on how someone looks and the perception the business is some kind of wonderland.

"The AVW project is designed to be more about the music and promote the reality that wonderland isn't always what you expect.

“I chose to reject traditional values regarding imagery and looks as I want people to judge me as an artist by the art I make, not the way the I look.”

Those wishing to find out more can find out more on Instagram and Spotify.

Bands and artists on the Island are invited to get in contact to discuss collaborations and remixing opportunities as part of the project.