OUR MP, Bob Seely, has expressed his total support for austerity in the past.

Now that coronavirus has struck at a time when the NHS is suffering terribly from underfunding and understaffing, does he still support austerity?

Due to understaffing, prisons are releasing prisoners early. Another casualty of austerity.

This government is handling this crisis abominably!

They have made ‘u’ turns too late! They have not made enough use of knowledge gained by countries ahead of us in this struggle.

They have failed to protect our NHS staff by not providing personal protective equipment soon enough or in required quantities.

In short, they have caused unnecessary deaths to the very people that we have all come to rely on in our hour of need.

At the same time, they are trying to save face by suddenly calling health and care workers ‘heroes’. These workers are the public’s heroes, to them they are expendable.

They also show their lack of care by closing down the cafes within hospitals, thereby depriving care workers of vital sustenance during long shifts.

Is it not time to install some talent into the cabinet, if necessary by bringing some in from the opposition benches?

Perhaps this is one of the consequences of electing, and in the case of our MP, backing, a prime minister who is a serial liar.