ISLE of Wight based based fusion music group Quatrapuntal have released a new video called Do Your Part.

The song focuses on pertinent matters surrounding the coronavirus crisis, and ends with an important message, particularly to those who are still not abiding by government recommendations.

The two members of the band involved in the track, Polly Green and Chris Hirst, are among many musicians finding alternatives to performing in venues.

Current regulations have galvanised a slew of local artists to let their creative juices flow, with a number of inventive offerings having been shared across social media.

Chris said: "Like everyone else we are in lockdown, so we had to record the parts separately and then put them together.

"We chose the melody from Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah so it would be more accessible, and added a couple of subtle bits of humour in there, we hope this doesn't offend anyone, we're just trying to offer some light in a dark situation.

"It’s certainly not a parody song, the message is too serious and important for that. We hope people will enjoy the music and listen to the words — we are trying to contribute in a small way during these very difficult times.