ISLE of Wight businessman Darren Street has set up a crowdfunding campaign — to buy Prime Minister Boris Johnson some silver cufflinks from Harrods.

Darren, of Newport, set a £1,000 goal and had raised £886 by this morning (Saturday).

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He said: "No matter where you stand left-wing or right-wing , you can only agree that Boris has led the UK through Covid-19 with sheer determination and passion for his country and the people within.

"Boris has worked relentlessly and if we look at what our UK Prime Minister is paid compared to that of a professional footballer it is minuscule, especially for doing the job he does and having the burden of responsibility he does.

"I want to do something that has never been done before, I want to raise £1,000 and purchase a gift to not only say Get Well Soon Boris but also to show our appreciation as a nation and to say Thank You.

"A thank you for the tireless work he has put in over the past four weeks, taking this country through Covid-19 and clearly work that has compromised his own health, life, safety." Darren would like to buy a pair of Purdey sterling silver duelling cufflinks from Harrods, and get them engraved.

Any additional money raised will be sent to the charity MIND.

Although the campaign appears to have been a success since being set up five days ago, it has received criticism on social media.

Del Singh said on Facebook: "Ultimate proof the world has gone mad! When its easier to raise money for silver cufflinks for Boris Johnson than it is for our NHS.

"I'd give up and go home if I wasn't already there."

Greta Sherratt said: "Just when you thought you had seen it all and heard it all - you see this OMG!

"People have so far have raised £765 while many can’t afford to eat. Utterly, utterly speechless."

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