A NUMBER of creative Isle of Wight residents have been keeping people entertained during isolation.

A veritable smorgasbord of musicians, artists, illustrators and performers have been providing live streams and sharing videos to make the most of their time indoors.

Musician Paul Armfield has been uploading content to both his Facebook page and Youtube channel, with a scintillating production of the song You showcasing performers from the UK, Italy and Germany.

He said: "I performed a live concert from my lounge because I was asked by my Italian promoter and a fantastic venue in Avelino Italy, we broadcast the gig from three facebook sites simultaneously.

"The other video I did was with four people who play on my recent album, all of whom are in lockdown in Germany and Italy, so we each recorded and filmed our separate parts on our phones and edited together in one day."

Poet, illustrator and writer Ian Boyd has been sharing some fun art tips for people wanting to learn more about drawing random creatures, with his charisma carrying the segments effortlessly.

He said: "I just wanted to try and do something that might amuse my friends and family and be even a small distraction from the world of worry that has enveloped us all.

"I really can’t draw properly, but am proficient at drawing badly, so I thought I’d combine the handful of animals I can inaccurately illustrate into an almost completely useless series of tutorials.

"It’s been fantastic reading people’s comments and suggestions, and responding to their requests for particular animals; it’s certainly cheered me up a bit, and I very much hope that it has done the same for others."

Singer Emellia has used her time isolation to write fresh material, and is providing daily uploads across her social media platforms and YouTube.

She said: "The renewed creativity I'm experiencing provides me with a rewarding feeling and the time flies by.

"I recommend all creative people during this time practice mastering their craft, not through obligation, but to make something positive during this confusing, difficult time."

Emellia has tentatively entitled her uploads Isolation Sessions

Another musician producing regular online content is Oliver Ducie, a highly regarded singer and guitarist who has acted as a mentor to numerous up-and-coming local prospects over the past decade.

The Lucid frontman has been hosting regular live gigs via Facebook, sharing a range of cover versions and original songs with viewers.

He said: "I truly believe this unprecedented crisis has shocked people to the core, the impact is unfathomable, luckily as a musician, the internet gives us a great platform to still be able to perform —I feel very blessed and anxious."

Ventnor poet Blake Everitt has been providing audio content for people to tune into.

The wordsmith began uploading new pieces in response to the renewed interest in the local landscape he perceived people to be having during the past couple of months.

All of his new collection celebrates the beauty of local sites, and he intends to continue adding to the burgeoning anthology, which can be listened to on soundcloud.

To add to the mirth, Bobbin and the Babymakers released a music video to accompany their version of hallowed nineties/noughties boyband Five's Keep on Movin', ostensibly from the comfort of their living rooms, lavatories and lounge chairs.

View it on the Bobbin and the Babymakers Facebook page.