ISLE of Wight councillor Paul Brading has confirmed a number of homeless individuals are in temporary accommodation at the Sands Hotel.

In a statement yesterday, the Isle of Wight Council stated no homeless families were currently based in a hotel or bed and breakfast.

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Cllr Brading has since offered clarification, on behalf of himself and fellow councillor Ian Ward, stating while no families had been relocated to a hotel, as many as 33 individuals and couples had been accepted at the hotel.

Of those 33, eight of the more "troubled individuals that need more supervision and support" were relocated as of Monday, April 6.

"I don't think it's right to say where, but they are no longer in Sandown," said Cllr Brading.

"Furthermore, anyone who breaks the rules at The Sands will be moved.

"A total of 33 were originally accepted with the hotel's agreement, and the majority of them were, and are, very grateful to be there, and have complied with the agreement regarding social distancing.

"However, as we know, the behaviour of a minority has now put people in the town at risk, and that cannot be allowed or tolerated.

"Sandown is not the only town on the Island that has accepted homeless.

"I also want to address the issue of the rumoured use of Sandown Holiday Park in Yaverland.

"It is true that the owner, and the council, agreed the use of six caravans if required.

"This agreement is now cancelled, and there are no homeless there, or planned to be there.

"We are living through extraordinary times, and need to work together for the good of Sandown and the whole Island."