ISLE of Wight Police have released an update on action being taken in the Sandown area, in an effort to repress anti-social behaviour (ASB).

"We are aware of the concerns and issues raised in relation to an increase in ASB in the Sandown area, specifically around the sea front," said Inspector Matt.

"With that in mind, yesterday evening I authorised the use of a dispersal power available to us under 35 of the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2012, in the area shown on the map.

"This gives our Police Officers and PCSOs the power to disperse people from within the zone shown for up to 48 hours if they are contributing, or likely to contribute to either ASB or crime and disorder.

"This power lasts until 7.02pm on Sunday, April 5.

"We have also increased our patrols in the Sandown area in order to reassure you that we are dealing with the ASB issues.

"The use of this power and the ASB being caused is not related to COVID-19, but of course we would like to remind everyone of the government advice to stay at home."