COUNCILLOR, Paul Brading, has responded to public outcry ­— after a gathering was spotted outside a Sandown hotel today (Saturday).

Disregarding social distancing, the individuals are alleged to be swearing, fighting and drinking, and Isle of Wight Police are reportedly on the scene.

In a post on Facebook, Paul Brading said: "This is a message with my councillor hat on ­— about the current issues with gatherings and other public order situations believed to involve people currently residing at various venues in Sandown on a short term basis.

"Connected with this, there have been several unacceptable incidents in the town ­— drinking, violence ­— and a much increased police presence.

"To be clear these venues/hotels are being run by the council, and we are grateful to the hotel owners for making their premises available at this extraordinary time, without necessarily financially benefitting themselves.

"I have spoken to Lee from one of the venues this morning about what he is trying to ensure happens with his residents.

"I was on a meeting at 9am this morning to discuss this.

"The Police are managing this at the highest level, but I want now a permanent resolution by Monday.

"I will update you all further on Monday morning.

One Isle of Wight resident said: "What is going on?

"No social distancing, swearing, fighting and drinking, outside and on the beach ­— watch out."

Isle of Wight Police have been approached for a comment.