DANCERS crammed two days worth of exams into four hours — so they could get them out of the way before the coronavirus outbreak worsened.

It was just as well, as lockdown was announced shortly afterwards.

Lanestars School of Dance pupils were due to take ballet and jazz exams on March 28 and 29, but as the date neared, they realised they had to do something drastic, and bring it all forward early.

The caretaker at Cowes Enterprise allowed them to spend extra time in the studio, to cram the exams in.

The exam board, the Association of Russian Ballet and Performing Arts, allowed them to film the dancers under exam conditions and submit it via email.

Teacher Kirstie Lane said: "It was a stressful evening, but the whole school pulled together and we got the majority done.

"It’s bittersweet as my 18th annual show was due to be held in June, and after that I’m handing over my school and moving off the Island.

"So I now won’t even get to say goodbye to my amazing Lanestars dancers.

"But I’m proud to be leaving them with another 100 per cent pass rate."