COWES Primary School has continued its 'good' Ofsted rating — with inspectors noting staff go out of their way to help and support special education needs (SEN) pupils.

Following an inspection in February, headteacher Stephanie Praetig has shared the report and said she is delighted to have maintained the good status.

Inspectors found there were many interesting visits, events and clubs that are on offer which help pupils to be resourceful and thoughtful.

However, problems with the curriculum were found in foundation subjects — it is not sufficiently coherently planned which means pupils do not achieve as well as they should.

Pupils were found to have a patchy understanding in some areas but teachers gave extra help to any pupils who fell behind.

Although, inspectors found the school had been improving the quality of education in reading, writing and maths with improvements to the wider curriculum.

Where subjects had been the best planned, SEN pupils were also found to make strong progress with staff supporting students to make sure they make the most of the wider opportunities the school offers.

Mrs Praetig said: "We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of our parents and carers for their on-going support.

"Also, a big thank you to all the staff and governors for their hard work and dedication that continue to make 'this school a caring and friendly community'."