AFTER yesterday seeing light at the end of the tunnel, Isle of Wight County Press pair Richard Wright and Kate Cranwell have been told their flight back from Nepal to the UK has been cancelled as the government there locks down its capital.

Richard, 65, and Kate, 48, from Newport, were initially told their scheduled flight from Kathmandu back to Britain, due for last Saturday, was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but then the British Consulate helped them arrange a flight through Qatar Airways, on Thursday, one of several allowed for the repatriation of foreign visitors to the country.

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This has now been cancelled.

CP gardening writer Richard said: "The rollercoaster continues.

"The flight we re-booked for Thursday has been cancelled with no news of any further flights out.

"Kathmandu is in lockdown and we are confined to our hotel."

Richard and County Press feature writer Kate had been on a holiday of a lifetime exploring the Asian country.

He said: "We have been in touch with the British Consulate, pointing out that it looks very unlikely that we will be able to comply with government advice to be home by Monday.

"Who knows how long we will be stuck?"