NATIONAL Trust Isle of Wight has announced the closure of all its car parks ­— much to the chagrin of some Island residents.

In a post on Facebook, the charity said: "We've taken the decision to close all our car parks, to help further restrict the spread of coronavirus.

"We encourage everyone to stay local, observe social distancing, and not to travel.

"We'll be doing everything we can to bring nature, beauty and history to your homes in the coming weeks.

"We'll ensure the places we care for on behalf of the nation can remain open for business, virtually, while we're temporarily closed ­— through our social media feeds, website, podcasts and video.

"We appreciate your support, and we'll be staying in touch with our members throughout this difficult time."

Responding to the announcement, one person said: "Closing West High Down car park means a mile and a bit walk through streets with shops and other people to safely exercise my dogs.

"My two older dogs can't walk that far, so they, and I, will be having to brave the busier streets and beaches to allow them the exercise I'm duty bound to give them under welfare rules.

"Well meaning as you may be, I'm not convinced the local residents who use and appreciate this space are the ones that you need to be penalising.

"We're being sensible in attending these slightly more remote areas to exercise without putting ourselves or others at risk."