THE Isle of Wight's MP has asked for changes to ensure that nurses can be given more freedom to administer certain drugs, in the event of a shortage of medical supplies.

Speaking in a parliamentary debate on the coronavirus bill, and citing an Isle of Wight consultant, Bob Seely asked the Health Minister Matt Hancock if the government's coronavirus bill will allow more freedom for care-givers in hospices.

Mr Seely said: “Nurses can give out morphine but, due to a quirk in the rules, can’t give similar powerful opiate painkillers.

"Will the bill enable nurses to give controlled drugs...specifically in case medical supplies run short, but also because we are reliant on ferries and it gives us slightly more diversity in patient treatment?"

Mr Hancock said: "I will look into the specific point. There are parts of the bill that tackle the problem he describes, if it's appropriate to do so, but I think it's better if I get some medical advice and get back to him."