We read (CP , 13-03-20) of Brighstone cubmaster Colin Bridges being barred from the scouting movement after 30 years of service, for his sole conviction on a charge of grievous bodily harm committed 33 years ago during a football match.

People who don’t know him might think he was one of the thugs who infest our streets everywhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although my wife and I know him, as do many in the village, I would not describe us as close friends.

I first met Colin at a parish council meeting in 2001.

He was and still is a parish councillor. He is skilled at all sorts of repair situations and I was amazed at the many tasks around the parish he took on in his own time.

He is possessed of a dry wit and is most friendly. His views are firm but balanced and is a well-presented natural leader. My own personal gain as a townie is his extensive knowledge of the countryside. As Interesting to his Cubs I imagine as it is to me. A truly valuable attribute for a cub master.

Maybe the hands of the Scouting Association are tied by law, but that does not preclude them from creating an appeal mechanism where none exists at present.

So another cub leader needlessly bites the dust. Yet Id fully expect that every parent and villager who knows him would come forward in support