A WOMAN who lied to police, telling them her son wasn't at home as he stood in the hallway behind her, has been fined.

Lorraine Stanley, 51, of Culver Parade, Sandown, pleaded guilty to obstructing a police constable, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday.

Tim Cole, prosecuting, said on December 28, Stanley was at her home when she was visited by police, who were looking to arrest her son.

Stanley told them her son was not at home.

As she spoke to them, her son appeared in plain view behind her.

Stanley's son was arrested and she was later charged with obstructing police.

Henry Farley, for Stanley, said: "Her son turned up at her door. He had promised her he would hand himself in the next day.

"When the police arrived she was terrified her grandchildren would have to watch their father be dragged away by police, so she blurted out 'he's not here.'

"It was a momentary lapse in judgment, and he was stood right behind her.

"After she said it, she was fully cooperative with police as they arrested her son."

Magistrates gave Stanley an £80 fine, £85 court costs and a £90 surcharge.