I WAS so shocked and quite frankly rather disgusted to hear that following the corona virus outbreak, people have started stockpiling and leaving supermarket shelves empty of amongst others pasta, rice, baked beans and even loo rolls.

It shows how self-centred and inconsiderate people are when they are faced with uncertainty.

To what lows do people go when they can only think of themselves, grabbing as much stuff as they can and not being prepared to share with others.

Not giving a thought about people who may not have a car to transport loads of food, or people who simply cannot afford to buy in bulk and have to rely on their daily trip to the shops for their meals.

I hope shops are taking some responsibility in allowing customers only to take limited numbers of a certain item in one shop, although this is difficult to police as people can come in several times or send several members of their family to get their stash.

Not only is this bizarre onslaught on the shops off-putting, it also shows that the slogans used during the Brexit campaign, that people wanted “the old England back” or “their country back”, while basically implying that post-Brexit Britain would be a much better place to live, did not mean a thing.

The shopping frenzy and egotistic behaviour of the last couple of days have made that abundantly clear.

Even after Brexit, and without an EU to blame, Britain has still not become “Great” again, instead, at this moment in time, the G in GB may well stand for Greedy, Grabby or even Grubby….!