RED Funnel is welcoming Sainsbury's aboard — along with Lavazza coffee, Rollover hot dogs and Tango Ice Blast slush drinks.

The cross-Solent ferry service has announced Sainsbury's as a new partner for its food and beverage offering across the business.

A range of Sainsbury’s products will be introduced on board Red Funnel’s vehicle ferries and terminals, starting with Red Falcon this March, along with the company’s Southampton vehicle ferry terminal.

“We are delighted to welcome Sainsbury’s into the Red Funnel family and bring their exciting range to our customers," said Red Funnel chief executive, Fran Collins.

"The addition of Sainsbury’s On the Go products, alongside a number of other new catering and retail additions, will help us provide customers with the products and ranges they have requested."

The On the Go range has been tailored for passengers and local customers, including ready-to-eat products such as sandwiches, wraps and snacks.

In addition to welcoming Sainsbury’s, Red Funnel will also offer Lavazza coffee through terminal and on-board self-serve machines, Rollover hot dogs, and Tango Ice Blast slush drinks.

On top of enhancing its catering offer, Red Funnel will also expand its line of retail and Island-based products.

The newly enhanced range will include health and beauty goods, travel and digital accessories, confectionery, toys, gifts and souvenirs, as well as Island-based beers, ales and spirits.

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