RYDE School staff and pupils flew back from a ski trip in Northern Italy just days before the coronavirus hit the region.

Some schools in the UK have closed as a precaution this week after pupils returned from Italy, but luckily for Ryde School, its half-term was scheduled a week earlier than most other schools.

The school confirmed to the County Press it would be remaining open, but is closely monitoring the situation.

A spokesperson said: "We have been in direct contact with Public Health England with regards to the school ski trip to Italy earlier this month which involved 20 senior school students and four members of staff.

"Officials have confirmed there are no actions necessary for us to take but we continue to monitor advice on a daily basis.

"Government advice is that anyone returning from Northern Italy since February 19 should self‐isolate if displaying symptoms and we have reiterated that point to our school community.

"The group returned to the Island on February 15.

"The trip took place in Artesina, as far from the lock‐down areas as Leicester is from Portsmouth, and the group flew in via Geneva and out from Turin, both well away from the areas of current concern."

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