A TEENAGER who crashed his car into the back of a vehicle before running away, repeated the offence a month later.

Cameron Goodman-Wright, 19, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Monday, when he pleaded guilty to three counts of driving without due care and attention, three counts of driving without insurance, three counts of driving otherwise in accordance with his licence, two counts of abandoning a vehicle in a dangerous position, two counts of failing to stop and a further two counts of failing to report a road accident.

The court heard how Goodman-Wright, of York Road, Ventnor, on November 3 was driving along Church Place in Chale when he ran into the back of a car being driven by two German tourists.

Ann Smout, said: "The two tourists stepped out of the car to try to speak to him, but Mr Goodman-Wright ran away before they could get his name, leaving the vehicle in the middle of the road.

"When police searched the vehicle they found a bank statement belonging to Mr Goodman-Wright. The vehicle was registered to a man in East Cowes who told police he had sold it.

"When police did invite him to a voluntary interview he offered no comment.

"On December 3, Mr Goodman-Wright was driving a different car, this time along Whiteley Bank near Ventnor when he came to a roundabout.

"He turned the car over onto its roof before abandoning it and running from the scene.

"CCTV obtained from the Co-op in Rookley showed Mr Goodman-Wright driving in that direction prior to the accident."

For Goodman-Wright, Barry Arnett, said: "He can't give any rational explanation other than the fact he panicked.

"He knows that he should not have been driving without any form of documentation in the first place.

"It must not have been very nice for the Island when those German tourists got home and their friends asked them how their trip to the Isle of Wight went."

The magistrates fined Goodman-Wright £360 and banned him from driving for 24 months.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £150 and a surcharge of £32.

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