A NEWPORT man was sent back to prison after breaching his post-sentence supervision and stealing goods from two Newport shops.

Lewis Dewick, 29, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court last Friday where he pleaded guilty to five counts of theft and a further count of failing to comply with post-sentence supervision.

The court heard how Dewick, of Cross Street, Newport, was identified by police after he was seen on CCTV in the Newport branch of Boots, picking up candles and walking out without paying.

Dewick also pleaded guilty to stealing £86 worth of alcohol from a Newport Co-op.

Prosecuting, Vivian Ducie, said: "When shown the footage he conceded to police that it was him they were watching." For Dewick, Barry Arnett, said: "On October 4, 2018, Mr Dewick was sentenced to 16 months' custody at the crown court for charges of fraud and theft.

"In November, he was released on post-sentence supervision, he was given a chance by your colleagues but now he comes to court today knowing you will send him back to custody.

"I'm afraid he has lapsed back into drug taking, and, quite simply, he had been stealing high-value items so he could sell them on to buy drugs.

"He has accepted his culpability and I know that he will be given the maximum amount of credit for that."

The magistrates gave Dewick a 28-day custodial sentence. He was also ordered to pay a surcharge of £122.

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