A HISTORIC bell has been discovered during the recent renovation of the Broadway Centre in Sandown.

The bell from HMS Sandown was uncovered, along with a number of other artefacts, which will form a feature commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day in May.

Sandown town mayor Cllr Gary Young said: "The bell was found when we looked through our archives. We are grateful to town councillors and local volunteers who are putting together an exhibition for later in the year."

HMS Sandown has a longstanding link to the area, including representing the freedom of the town. Other artefacts found highlight links to Dunkirk and Normandy, and will also feature in the exhibition.

Paul Coueslant, founder of the online history group Our Sandown, said: "It’s great the town was entrusted with the safekeeping of these treasures from HMS Sandown when it left Royal Navy service, and good news that the council is looking for opportunities to display historical items like this for all of us to see."

Cllr Heather Humby added "It is really good for the community to get involved with this initiative and hopefully we can launch it in May in conjunction with a church service."

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