A SEX offender who failed to disclose five online accounts and was late re-registering with authorities has admitted two counts of breaching an order.

Ethan Turner, 27, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The court heard how, on January 25, Turner was found to have five online aliases, comprising of one Twitter account, a dating account and three accounts with fetish sites.

Vivian Ducie, prosecuting, said: "He is currently under a suspended sentence of two years previously imposed by the Isle of Wight Crown Court.

"He accepts he made the accounts and he was also three days late presenting himself to the police to be registered as part of his order.

"It has been less than a year since the order was imposed on Mr Turner."

For Turner, Barry Arnett, said: "He understands that he has now put himself in a really difficult position.

"I understand that as this was an order made in Crown Court, this breach will inevitably have to be sentenced in the Crown Court."

Turner's case was adjourned to the Isle of Wight Crown Court for March 27.

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