A WEST Wight businessman, who has raised millions of pounds for charity, is organising a star-studded concert in London next month to build a new hospital.

John Caulcutt hosts the annual Towers Party in Yarmouth, which has raised more than £1 million for charity over the last 56 years.

It is just one of the many events the entrepreneur has organised over the years and now he has the backing of music legends Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Mick Hucknall, Van Morrison, John Illsley, Paul Young and many others at the 02 event on March 3.

Money raised from the concert will go towards the £70 million cost of building a new cancer hospital which will be a sister hospital to the Royal Marsden.

John, who is executive producer on the project, said: "We have the land on which the hospital will be built and we've already raised £59 million.

"This concert, with a full house, will raise another £2 million and will give us the extra push to get us on our way.

"We have sold 8,500 tickets and there are another 5,000-plus to sell, but we're getting there.

"This state-of-the art hospital, the Oak Cancer Centre, will increase the Royal Marsden's existing capacity fourfold, and will also house clinicians and a research department under one roof.

"It won't replace the Marsden, but will be an additional facility.

"I got involved because a close friend of mine had his life extended by three years following treatment at the Royal Marsden.

"Just about everyone has been exposed to the horrors of cancer either having contracted it themselves or knowing someone who has had the disease."

John was involved in the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, organising the Canvas City tent, and has persuaded the artists to perform through his connections in the music industry.

Other artists on the bill include Rick Wakeman, Bonnie Tyler and Cat Stevens.

Tickets can be bought through bookingsdirect.com, ticketmaster.com and royalmarsden.org/concert

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