AN APPEAL to feed more than 20 swans at Freshwater Causeway has been backed by the Co-op in Afton Road.

As previously reported, it was feared that the unusually large quantity of swans may starve unless more people helped to feed them.

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Jenny and Roger Crates have voluntarily fed them for the last 12 years but the increasing amount of swans means they have to pay for 12 loaves of bread a day plus food pellets.

Jenny said: "We can't thank the Co-op enough. Ever since the article appeared online, and in the paper, we have seen more and more people coming to feed them

"There was even a young family from Shanklin who made the journey to see them and give them some food."

Neil Riley, area manager of Southern Co-op, said: "We're more than happy to help out. We donate our left-over produce to charity at the end of the day, and it won't affect what we give away.

"We will make sure that the swans will continue to be fed. Jenny and Roger are doing a noble job and have been a massive success."

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