RYDE Carnival is inviting boys to take part in an inclusive 'royalty float' — instead of the traditional queens and princesses.

Organisers announced the change ahead of the 2020 season.

The oldest carnival in the country confirmed they will be scrapping the queen's float to be replaced with a new gender neutral royalty one.

The group will be holding selections for the carnival queens, and now, kings to sit atop the float when the carnival comes to town.

Heidi Allen, of Ryde Carnival, said: "Although we regularly have boys on our float, this is the first year we are renaming our float, we will now be calling it a royalty float and be crowning kings or queens and junior princes or princesses.

"As we are an inclusive carnival we would like to encourage more boys to apply.

"There is also the opportunity to be part of the entourage who dance behind the float.

"Ryde Carnival has a fun and energetic royalty float and all participants learn dance routines and we take part in all the Island carnivals and have also taken up invitations to attend Littlehampton and Bognor Regis carnivals.

"So get your dancing shoes on and join in, have fun and make friends."

Selection for the new float will be held on Saturday, February 22.

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