CAROL and Martin Shoebridge were in for a treat when they tuned into their garden webcam last night (Sunday) ­— and saw a badger and a fox chowing down in perfect harmony.

The East Cowes couple have regular furry visitors, and a webcam stationed in their garden ­— to pick up on movement and record in two-minute segments.

"You don't often see the two together," said Martin.

"We suspect the foxes come from the Osborne House direction.

"The badgers come most nights ­— often two at a time. They've managed to dig underneath the gravel boards to get in, and we've seen foxes jump over the fence.

"They were eating together for about ten minutes.

"The badger has something wrong with its paw. We've spoken to the Badger Trust, and we're going to keep an eye on it for the next couple of days ­— monitor the situation.

"We get visitors every night. We even have footage of a cat seeing off a fox, dispelling the myth that foxes kill cats."

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