TWO dolphins have been washed up dead on Isle of Wight beaches in the last three days.

Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team was called to a report of a dolphin washed ashore on Shanklin beach this morning (Monday).

At 10.04am, the team arrived at the scene, completing paperwork and obtaining photographs to pass onto the local authority for removal.

A juvenile dolphin was found washed up at Freshwater Bay on Saturday morning.

In a post on the Isle of Wight Nature Facebook group, Andrew William Barnes Pilott said: "I guess they don’t stand much chance when it’s rough these days. With the lack of fish, they don’t have the fat reserves to cope.

"There are more dolphins about compared to recent years due to them pushing further up the channel looking for fish, which sadly aren’t there in the numbers due to over fishing.

"This leaves them vulnerable in rough weather, as they don’t have the fat reserves they should."

Another dead dolphin was found washed up at Compton Bay the week before, on Sunday, February 9.

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